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Finca La Linda – 2007 Bonarda

Posted by Gabe on January 7, 2010

Argentina has long been one of my favorite countries to look towards for wine. They’ve shown over time that there are a wide array of offerings being made in divergent styles and at many different price levels. Right around $10, which I think of as entry level, is where I jumped in when I was first drinking Argentine wines. To this day it’s a category that fascinates me. When I find a wine that speaks to me in that price range its very satisfying. Today I’ll look at an example from Finca La Linda. This offshoot of Luigi Bosca Winery produced a line of varietal wines.

The Finca La Linda 2007 Bonarda is produced using fruit sourced in the Maipu section of Mendoza. This offering is 100% Bonarda. Barrel aging was accomplished in American oak. This selection has a suggested retail price of $10.99.

Aromas of red plum are underscored by hints of smoked meat in the nose of this 2007 Bonarda. The palate is marked by fleshy red fruit notes alongside little reference points to apricot. Black olive, pomegranate, and dusty dark chocolate are all part of the finish. This wine has good balance and sufficient acidity. It drinks nicely on its own but really works best with food. A Corned Beef and Pastrami sandwich would be a perfect match; that said red meats in general are a safe bet. If meat isn’t your thing, grab a loaf of crusty bread, and some hard cheese to pair alongside this tasty wine.

One of the things I really enjoy is introducing friends to varietals they’re unfamiliar with. There is lots of fun to be had in discovery. Bonarda falls into that unknown category for a lot of folks. While more examples are on our shelves then a decade ago it’s still far from a household name. For $10.99, less if you shop around this example from Finca La Linda is a nice place to start.

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