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Lamberti – Rosé Spumante (NV) Sparkling Wine

Posted by Gabe on March 15, 2010

When speaking to friends, readers and other wine lovers in general it seems that by and large Sparkling Wine falls victim to a couple of preconceived notions. The most common is that often people aren’t very familiar with how many wine regions make Sparklers and instead think only of Champagne. Personally I find that just like any other category of wine each regions styles, productions methods and sense of place make for some interesting sipping. Of those who do venture to other areas of the world for Sparkling Wine, many limit themselves to special occasions for its enjoyment. In my opinion that’s a mistake. Sparkling Wine could conceivably have as much of a place on your table alongside a meal as it does next to your party hat on New Years Eve. Today I’m going to look at one from Italy that I just tasted and enjoyed.

The Lamberti Rosé Spumante is a non vintage sparkling wine. This selection was produced using a blend of Pinot Bianco (34%), Raboso (33%) and Pinot Nero (33%). This fruit was sourced from hillside vineyards throughout Trevisio in the Veneto. After pressing, the juice was immediately separated from the pomace to avoid adding more color than desired. The Charmat method was used in production. This is the same method used for Prosecco and Asti. The suggested retail price for this wine is $14.

This Spumante has a light salmon hue. The vibrant nose has fresh wild strawberry aromas in spades along with a lighter but present floral undertone. Berry mousse flavors form the core of the palate which is richly flavored and leads to additional hints of creaminess that carry out to the finish. Strawberry and raspberry notes are joined by yeasty characteristics and cream scone reference points. The finish lingers in a refreshing manner, beckoning you back to the glass for more.

This is a fun Sparkling Wine that works well on its own and will also complement lighter appetizers; fruit based desserts or soft cheeses. Throughout the palate this wine has a good, pleasing weight. It feels and tastes substantial, belying its $14 price tag. There really is quite a bit going on here and this is an interesting selection that also provides good value. Lamberti Rosé Spumante is an inexpensive and tasty way to break out of the sparkling wine for special occasion’s rut.

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One Response to “Lamberti – Rosé Spumante (NV) Sparkling Wine”

  1. Always glad to find another person who understands sparkling wine isn’t just for special occasions. Make your own special occasion by opening a bottle of bubbly, that’s my motto. I believe I’ve seen this one around my area, as the bottle looks really familiar. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it, as it sounds tasty. Cheers!

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