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Frisk – 2011 Prickly Riesling

Posted by Gabe on December 1, 2011

Admittedly Australia isn’t the first or even the third wine growing country I think when Riesling comes to mind. However over the last few years I’ve seen more and more evidence that this might just be the next varietal from Australia that makes a large impact on US shelves. Many of the examples are well priced, tasty and aimed at everyday consumption. That rings a similar bell to the manner in which Aussie Shiraz made its mark. I’m not saying Riesling is going to have the same overall effect, just that some of the hallmarks are similar. Today I’ll look at an example from Frisk.

The Frisk 2011 Prickly Riesling was produced using fruit sourced in the Victoria section of Australia. In addition to Riesling (89%) this wine also has Muscat Gordo (11%) blended in. This wine was fermented in stainless steel using select yeasts. The modest alcohol checks in at 9.8%. This Riesling has a suggested retail price of $11.

Ginger and white flower aromas fill the nose of this 2011 Riesling. The palate is filled with lemon, peaches, papaya and lychee fruit as well as bits of white pepper. This finish has more than reasonable length; it’s crisp and refreshing, inviting you back to the glass for sip after sip. This wine is light and shows off bits of sweetness and tingly spice throughout. It’s a perfect aperitif or welcome wine at the beginning of a dinner or other event.

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One Response to “Frisk – 2011 Prickly Riesling”

  1. Nice tasting notes, Gabe. Makes me want to go out and crack a bottle! Cheers!

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