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About Gabe

Gabe Sasso is a freelance writer. He’s spent many of his vacations the last 2 decades traveling to wine regions. His curiosity about wine started, due in no small part, from being surrounded by a large Italian family. Most of his Uncles, his Father and his Grandfathers were all home wine makers. With that and many childhood trips to Italy as his Baptism into wine, his interest flourished as time passed. What was always a personal passion, bubbled to the surface as a vocation in 2007 when he founded this site. In addition to Gabe’s View, he has been the sole wine columnist for since January of 2009, writes a weekly Wine & Spirits column for The Daily Meal , and does a variety of Freelance work for other portals. In 2009 he founded Drink Dry Creek, dedicated to that appellation in California. Gabe also provides ghost writing and consulting services to wineries, wine regions, restaurants and the like. When time allows he hosts private tasting events.

7 Responses to “About Gabe”

  1. Kim said

    HEY GABE – where’s the PF review section? Suggest a Martha Stewart like glossary of price points and colors and countries. Ok, maybe not.

  2. Kenny said

    Hey – what do you think about those new fangled wine aerator things?

  3. K-girl said

    Hey Gabe,

    Ever tast test your wines in different glasses?

    Oh and nice shirt…where did you ever get it!


  4. Neema Modi said

    Dear Gabe,

    I would like to invite you to our 2008 wine event, where 160 of the
    finest Italian wineries will be showcased. The event will take place on March 3, 2008. Please provide me with your contact information- address and phone number. Thank you.

    Neema Modi

  5. Ed said

    Great shirt Dude. Just found your site and its pretty cool.

  6. Ron said

    Hey Gabe! I see you like Dry Creek Valley. I produce an DCV Zinfandel as well as a DCV Old Clone Primitivo. I also happened to grow up with Gerardo Orlando (Bullzeye) in Lorain Ohio. I have an art gallery winebar in Pomona California. and my business Partner with VinNostro Cellars just opened a wine bar in North Beach called the VinClub. His family has the 2nd oldest Italian restuarant in the City (SF).

  7. […] what The Daily Meal’s wine writer Gabe Sasso had to say about the 2012 Domaine Terlato & Chapoutier […]

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