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Epiphany Cellars – 2005 Petite Sirah

Posted by Gabe on April 28, 2008

The first wine I’m looking at for the 12 Days of Petite Sirah is from Epiphany Cellars. Located in Los Olivos California they’re one of the labels under the Fess Parker Family of Wines Umbrella.

Epiphan Cellars Tasting ROomThe 2005 Petite Sirah from Epiphany is 95% varietal with 5% Grenache blended in. 55% of the wine spent 24 months in French Oak. 967 cases were produced and the suggested retail price is $30.

Plum, cedar and caramel present prominently in the nose. The first sip reveals the wine to be a bit tight out of the bottle with some characteristic Petite Sirah tartness at first blush. Decanting is highly recommended with almost any Petite Sirah and this one is no exception. Once it opens up vanilla notes emerge and play and become prominent. The caramel continues through the mid-palate and is accompanied by fruitcake notes and some light earthiness. The finish features a terrific spiciness.

I found the 2005 Epiphany Cellars Petite Sirah to be particularly layered and complex for an offering this young. Considering it’s relative elegance for a young Petite this is a good choice for a kicked up BBQ. Will pair well with grilled filet mignon, braised short ribs or other rich roods.

Medium tannins suggest this wine will age and evolve nicely. I’d expect the now subtle earthiness to emerge and become far more prominent over time. The Epiphany Cellars Petite Sirah should drink well for at least a decade and perhaps longer. Deciding when to drink it will depend on whether you want to enjoy the current fruitiness or the earthiness which will come out later. Either way this is a fine example of Petite Sirah.

Check out PS I love You, the Advocacy Group dedicated to this great varietal.

Up Next: 12 Days of Petite Sirah Continues, Stay Tuned.

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2 Responses to “Epiphany Cellars – 2005 Petite Sirah”

  1. Just wanted to touch base and thank you for reviewing this wine. I am the asst. winemaker for both Fess Parker and Epiphany Cellars and our PS is one of my favorites! My favorite of our offerings had been the 03 – like drinking concentrated blueberry syrup . . . in a good way! I think our 05 has the ‘stuffing’ to surpass it! Poured this at Vintners Festival this past weekend and it was the favorite of those tasting our line up!

    Take care and thanks again!!!!

  2. david dawson said

    how may I obtain some cases in Columbus, Ohio and Jacksonville, Fl wher I have reidences and friends?

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